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    Manufactured according to the ancient process, ARAPAHO is an organic exotic alcohol prepared from mango, papaya, Goji bees & lime. The smoothness of these fruits is mixed with the freshness of plants as menthol or hibiscus to provide a natural refreshing taste.

    Low Sugar, while maintaining a  powerful taste, it is a welcome sign to relaxation and escape. The design is inspired by Amazon tribes tattoos.

    Its subtle equilibrium can be consumed « on the rocks » , in cocktails with Ginger ale, a tonic water, a Gin-Tonic or as a Kirr,… You will find our best cocktails recipes below.





    Arapaho is developed and produced in Belgium by Guillaume & Edouard Noblesse. The purpose of the two brothers is to offer natural hand-made and surprising alcohol using only natural and organic ingredients*. They are carrying the know-how from the former family company created in 1882, which disappear after the world war two.

Cocktails recipes

  • The Niagara

    ½ of Arapaho, ½ of ginger ale or Tonic-Water

  • Orange Parrot

    3 cl of Arapaho, 1 cl of Gin, 1 cl of Cointreau, 2 cl of Lemon juice, 1 cl of water, ser

  • A-Kir-rapaho

    1/4 of Arapaho, 3/4 of sweet white wine - or Rosé (serve cold)

  • Rooftop

    2cl Arapaho, 4cl spiced Rhum, 1/2 lime, a scoop of ginger-ale

  • Jazz

    1/2 of Arapaho, 1/2 of white beer

  • Wadi Rum

    2cl of Arapaho, 4cl of white rum, 4cl, coconut juice

  • SamouraÏ

    1/4 of Arapaho, 1/4 of Le Magistrat, 1/2 of Fresh water

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